Affordable Cremation Services in Erie County

Erie County Cremation Service is conveniently located in Buffalo, NY.
Since 1985, we’ve been honored to deliver personalized services to those who’ve chosen cremation.

Our personal touch, affordable options, and high quality of service experience makes us the premier choice for cremation in Erie County.

By choosing us, you could save hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars without sacrificing dignity, honor, or respect.

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Option 1: Direct Cremation

Direct cremation, also called simple cremation, involves the minimal services necessary to cremate a decedent and return the cremated remains to the family.

Option 2: Direct Cremation with Memorial Gathering to Follow (Body Not Present)

With this option, your loved one is cremated before the Memorial Gathering. The cremated remains are then placed in an urn and are present for the Memorial Gathering. After the Memorial Gathering, the cremated remains are then released to the family or informant.

Option 3: Traditional visitation with Cremation to Follow ​(Body Is Present)

A traditional visitation includes calling hours with the decedent being embalmed and the use of a rental casket.

After the calling hours the decedent can be:

  1. Transported by hearse to a church for a service; or
  2. The service can take place at our facility; or
  3. The calling hours can end without a service

Following calling hours and the service your loved one would be cremated and can be placed into an urn.