What's Included in Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation: $625 (Funeral Home Charge)*

The minimal services necessary to cremate a decedent and return the cremated remains to the family.

Our Direct Cremation service includes:

- Local transfer of remains from the place of death to the funeral home
- Services of our funeral directors and staff
- Obtaining the necessary authorizations
- Local transportation of remains to the crematory
- An alternative container for transportation of the remains to the crematory
- Return of the cremated remains to funeral home
- Release of cremated remains to the next-of-kin or informant

*Does not include crematory charge or cash advance items such as newspaper notice or certified copies of death certificates.

What are the Additional Benefits of Direct Cremation?

No embalming is required. Since there is no public event, such as a viewing or funeral service, where the body will be seen by family members and guests; there is no need for extensive body preparations.

The purchase of a casket is unnecessary. The body is cremated in a simple cardboard container, rather than a traditional casket. And the money you save can be used to purchase a more appropriate cremation urn in which to safeguard your loved one's cremated remains.