What's Included with a Traditional Visitation with Cremation to Follow?

A Traditional Visitation includes calling hours with the decedent being embalmed and viewed in a casket.

After the calling hours the decedent can be: 

- Transported by hearse to church for a funeral service; or 
- The funeral service can take place at our funeral home; or
- The calling hours can end without a funeral service

Following calling hours and the funeral service your loved one would be cremated. The cremated remains can be placed into the container provided by the crematory or a cremation urn.

Our Traditional Visitation option is designed for those who wish to retain funeral traditions, including the presence of the casketed body, while keeping the many advantages of a cremation arrangement. This can be a good choice for those who are having a difficult time deciding between cremation and a traditional burial, as it combines the largest benefits of each. Here, the cremation occurs after the funeral, which has been lovingly, and thoughtfully, planned by your family in cooperation with a member of our funeral home's professional staff.